Anyplace in the world


Today I am going to share with you my honeymoon. The night after I tried to tell my dad a compliment and it went wrong. He had drank a little and was rude in his reply. We leave the party early but the damage was already done. His reply depressed me in a matter of hours.

In Mexico it wasn´t that bad.

In Chichen Itzá it did.

You can wonder how is it possible to be in one most beautiful places in the world and be depressed? How is it possible that during the honeymoon… well It happpened. Dad helped a lot but he wasn´t conscious. He was my best friend, my idoll somehow. But I got attached to those words he said. I couldn´t enjoy paradise no matter how much I try.

When depression appears, it does it anywhere, anyplace no matters with whom are or what are you going to do.

The worst thing is that you are always playing the cat and the mouse with it. Why are we like this? Who knows?

And no matters how many times she comes I will be stand up and ready for it. If life is a fight, I am ready to deal with it.