Beauty in depression

I know, it sounds rare think that in depression we could find beauty but we can.

When everything is dark and we are in our shadow zone we are able of dealing with our phantoms. Darkness is not only the absence of light, is the confrontation with our ego.

The first thing we should do is try to contact or reach others. We all know nothing is far away from us, we are Avatars and nature connect us. During depression we feel we are alone and we are not. The silence is deep but is a master, our body: talk.

Creativity is all around us trying to give us a hand to get up and she gives us more than one, more than two, more than we think or could feel.

During COVID-19 many people got depressed. Is logical. We lost physical contact. But mind contact is more important and heart reach is vital.

I got depressed I must confess. I wanted to die. I felt lonely and without purpose and all the pills I take made me feel like an adict. Fortunetly I am not. I have healthy habits but I was missing one very important: doing excercise. Now I do. I can´t say when I started, I only know someday I wanted to walk through healthy zones in my city and be aware of beauty.

Beauty in the color of the houses, in the trees, in the fresh air that rarely passed through my mask…

I know I can´t walk for some zones but I take them like challenge. Walking a hill will always be difficult but when you reach the highest level, you feel greatful.

Once I said that the only thing that could get humanity together was a common enemy. I wasn´t wrong.

Now I can not buy the things I used to, but I discovered how useless they were. I consumed and consumed unconsciously. Now I make my garden, I take the death leaves for the extreme sun of this days and I feel connected with nature. Yes, from a balcony.

Life can be dark but is beautiful, life can be hard and is also beautiful, life can be a mess and yes, is beautiful too. All is mind. Remind this three words All is mind and fly with yours.




Writer. Poet. Teacher. Woman who loves.

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Claudia Restrepo Ruiz

Claudia Restrepo Ruiz

Writer. Poet. Teacher. Woman who loves.

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