¿Coffee an Coke during depression?

I suggest no. Many of us are used to take several coffees during the day and then having problems to sleep during the night, the reason, this two characters.

I left Coke 2 months ago and I am sleeping better.

Coffee, I still feel that I need it.

Maybe is better a tea. Just try, at the begining is difficult but is not impossible.

Take juices, water, and icetea. I was adict to coke. I used to take 6 glasses per day and you can´t imagine how different I feel know.

I am fat but is because of medicines and I hope to reduce dosis soon.

I am open to chat.




Writer. Poet. Teacher. Woman who loves.

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Claudia Restrepo Ruiz

Claudia Restrepo Ruiz

Writer. Poet. Teacher. Woman who loves.

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