Depression and apetite

Yes, I know. You do not feel hunger or you feel hunger all the time.

It is a secundary effect of many medicines. No matter what you do, your weight will continue climbing. That´s why people with cronical diseases end with diabetes an other illness.

What to do? Gym doesn´t work, diet doesn´t work, there is only a previous synthom: ansiety. Unfortunetly ansiety loves what is not good for our bodies.

Talk to your doctor when weight is a lot over yours.

Try to see what medicine is making you fat and try to avoid sugar.

And remember, is only your body. Your scent doesn´t get fat, got wiser.




Writer. Poet. Teacher. Woman who loves.

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Claudia Restrepo Ruiz

Claudia Restrepo Ruiz

Writer. Poet. Teacher. Woman who loves.

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