Love does heal

Claudia Restrepo Ruiz
2 min readDec 5, 2020


After being more than a month depressed, he appeared with nothing more that his body and his smile. A hug took place. One of those hugs you will always remember. In time of phandemy it emerges like salt in the ocean. Suddenly depression was the unlimited sea and he was the salt above the waves.

Live, sleep and love. Three premises that are more than important to resist how difficult life can be when you share your life with a lifetime disease.

Do not waste time thinking is he or she the one?

Open your heart without fear. Past can´t touch you unless you alloud it to do.

We have to build ourselves many times in our lives. The reason is not important, the excersize and the learning are the important matter. Sometimes we are very rush with ourselves. It is impossible to know who and how. But we all feel the same emotions in different lapses of time.

What is important? To be greatful. No matter the situation, it is real because we are learning from it. Trust or untrust depend of our past and attachments. Try to be free even from yourself. Do not give up. Feed of that new love as much as you can and with permit… no, you do not need permit to love, is one of the miracles of life that just happens for a hundred reasons that we don´t know.

Alloud the feeling to reach you even in your darkness hours and feel how it heals old pains that you tought were forgotten.

Open your arms, sense that being inside your hug and love at your frequency as much as you can.