My son is depress, what should I do

One of the most difficult things that could us like parents is seeing our sons ill, and more if it is a depression or another menthal illness.

We do not hurry because synthoms are difficult to detect. But we should. I wonder how much population that suicide is a teenager and I guess, a lot.

If you detect depression on your son run. Find a psychiatrist that he likes not that you like, I make this difference because is very important in the confidence of our teens and on it dependends the treatment.

I was 17 when my first crisis arrived. The truth is that neither mom or dad knew what to do with me or what was happening to me. Either I.

The first synthom was insomnia. Then the rest. Until I started drawing figures that flew from the window. Hospital was necessary for me and I was there for a month.

Dad, mom, if you have a son ill do not feel embarrased, try to support him as much as you can.

No one is far from menthal diseases and it appears during adolescence or at 40´s. Be kind, do not judge, give him confidence not fear, let him or her know that things will be ok again.




Writer. Poet. Teacher. Woman who loves.

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Claudia Restrepo Ruiz

Claudia Restrepo Ruiz

Writer. Poet. Teacher. Woman who loves.

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