You can´t denie depression is better if you face it

Many people regreat feeling depress because they think is a lack of character. Instead of looking for help they try to look strong and happy and they do not know that sooner or later depression will bite them like a shark.

May be you wonder why I write about depression. The reason is simple, I want to help. I wish I had had a shoulder that understood me during my crisis while I was teen that is the age that started for me.

I found in Medium the possibility of continue sending bottle messages for those who need them. I feel I can do more than write two books about it. I feel commited specially with teenagers and travel around the country speaking with them open my eyes to a reality of many.

Right now a lot of people feel depress because is in their houses confined by the COVID-19 and that correspond to an enviroment depression. We can´t run of it but we can change habits, read books, see series, talk to whom we live and so on.

If you feel depressed, look for help. Draw, write, listen music, appreciate beauty. Remember that you are not alone and that you will continue on, everything passes including depression. You will feel strong again. Trust yourself.